Global Free Zone Report explores the trends shaping the global free zone industry and the broader industrial, demographic, logistical and policy conditions that surround it. The last thirty years have seen free zones, special economic zones, free ports, export processing zones and free trade zones become a significant part of the integrated system of global trade and industrial production. Competitive pressures drive businesses to seek locations which, among other things, drive down unit cost, provide easy access to growing markets and maximise efficiency. These ever-present criteria have centralised the role of site selection data and analysis in corporate strategy.

Meanwhile, policymakers in developing and middle-income countries are pressed by the demands of delivering economic growth, jobs and better infrastructure. And in higher-income economies, the arrival of automation has made it more difficult to deliver well-paid industrial jobs in challenged communities. Comprehensive, high quality, primary data enables these stakeholders to accurately assess the value of existing free zones as instruments of trade policy.  


Global Free Zone Report 2019 is a comprehensive overview of the macro-economic landscape as it relates to the free zone industry in six geographical regions: Asia; Europe; Middle East and North Africa; North America; South and Central America; and Sub-Saharan Africa. Synthesising primary and secondary research, the report provides data on specific performance and service offering criteria across a large number of zones, adding analysis through case studies and in-depth viewpoints on regional trends, opportunities and challenges.



Detailed site selection data for free zones across the globe, including operational costs and regulatory requirements


Primary data insights into how free zones are influencing regional trade and investment trends


  The key infrastructure projects shaping each region


Incisive analyses of shifting global trade politics and the implications for each region



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